This along with Dave’s wiki will be where you can find out information on the current status of the game and any other relevant information.


This game will be broken down into five sessions, each session acting as an episode of a season starting with the Pilot episode.

1. Each character will be created using the Champion Character Type
2. Each player must come up with a limited back story to their character and must be provided to the gamemaster before the start of the Campaign
3. For the pilot episode the characters will not be locked down. This will give the players an opportunity to fine tune the way their characters are through skills and stats. After the pilot episode players will be locked and cannot be changed except through adding points through experience points.
4. Experience points will be given out at the end of the Season only.
5. Players cannot play full demon character’s, they are limited to half-demon. Unless they can provide a good reason and story for being full demon.

The Campaign will be based out of Hollywood Florida. Base of operations will be Hollywood Blvd and Young Circle.

Tone of the Game:
Setting of the game will be much like how the show Angel was with the first four seasons but with a far Darker tone. Season 5 will NOT exist!
Players will be set up with an investigation business at the start of the game.

More information will be provided as it gets closer to launch.


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